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Mexican Imports Tucson, AZ

Mexican Candles Collection

Beeswax Altar Candles, Religious Votive Candles & Decorative Candles

Our Mexican candles collection includes traditional beeswax altar candles, classic pillar or column candles, ivory ball candles and religious votive candles. Candles hold a place that is rich in tradition in Mexico's past and present. Mexico's faithful Catholics frequently light votive and perpetual light candles in religious ceremonies, celebrations and home altars. The Day of the Dead celebration includes preparing altars with candles to honor friends and relatives who have past before.

We have the perfect size and style candle to illuminate your rustic candle holder, candle lantern or decorative table centerpiece. These Mexican candles are made with purified beeswax or paraffin wax for clean burning. All candles come unscented and wrapped.

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Rustic Iron, Tin & Clay Candle Holders and Lanterns
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