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Mexican Black Clay Oaxacan Pottery

Oaxaca Black Clay Pottery and Figurines
The talented potters and sculptors of Oaxaca, Mexico create barro negro, literally translated as "black mud" pottery that is adored by people around the world. This black clay ceramic pottery is made in the area of San Bartolo De Coyotepec, and the special properties of this region's clay cannot be found anywhere else. The polished, almost glass-like surface, the intricate carving, fine details, and rich color make black clay pottery a treasure to display. Each piece is produced and cut by hand and baked in a fire of thick black smoke to produce the unique color. Meticulous care and patience are put into each black clay piece, as they take around twenty days to complete.

Our Oaxacan black clay vases and pots are purely decorative and cannot hold water or food. We will carefully pack your order to ensure it arrives to you safely.

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