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Tuscan Style Furnishings and Decor

Tuscan Furniture and Spanish Mediterranean Style Rustic Decor

Tuscan style furniture wrought iron, rustic wood and copper Tuscany style decor
Decorating in the Tuscan style has become increasingly popular in recent years, partly because it fits well in homes built with Spanish Mediterranean design features, but mostly because of its relaxed, charming nature. We have the perfect products to bring all of the romance and elegance of Tuscany to your home.

Mexican and Tuscan furniture both possess a rustic quality that can give your home a comfortable, old world appeal. Tuscan-style décor relies on warm, natural colors that echo the terra cotta rooftops of Florence, the soft green of the rolling hills, and the pale yellows of olive oil.

Tuscan furniture can either be composed of simple lines with painted tile, wrought iron, or marble accents, or more formal, carved lines and great attention to detail in design. Dark and distressed woods are common in Tuscan furniture collections. Our sections of mesquite, alder, and rustic copper furniture all contain furnishings that would suit an Italian style home. For instance, our copper top dining tables with iron bases are prime examples of the family style tables that are common in Tuscan dining rooms. Armoires and open cupboards are used in almost every room of Tuscan homes to store clothes, linens, and dishes. Soft, warm lighting and candles are present in Tuscan décor to convey a welcoming atmosphere. Our handcrafted wrought iron lamps and candle holders are picture perfect for a Tuscan themed room. We also have a large section of aged tin mirrors and other metal craft accessories that would enhance this Mediterranean style.

Throughout the Direct From Mexico website, you will find an extensive selection of handcrafted furniture and accessories to help you achieve the classic look of a peaceful Italian villa.

Below are just some of our pieces to help you design the perfect Tuscan or Spanish Mediterranean interior. Find more by browsing our site.

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Our sections you can find Tuscan Style Furnishings:

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