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The History and Tradition of Mexico's Talavera Pottery.
About Talavera Pottery
Talavera pottery was first introduced to Mexico in the 15th century by Spanish settlers and the craft was mastered in the village of Talavera de la Reina. Today, this earthenware ceramic pottery is produced in many regions of Mexico utilizing the techniques, skills and cultural influences attained over the centuries.

What is Talavera?
Talavera is a high-quality decorative earthenware pottery style that is recognized by its strong colors and detailed patterns creating traditional Mexican and more contemporary designs.

Can I use it for food serving and preparation?
Yes and No! The paints and glaze used in making Talavera pottery dinnerware are lead-free and therefore can safely be used as household dinnerware. Some pieces are for display purposes only and are marked as such (DUO - Display Use Only).

Our Talavera tableware is oven and dishwasher safe. Although Talavera can be used for food serving and preparation, it is a fine ceramic earthenware and may chip or break if not handled carefully.

Talavera pottery from Mexico
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