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Molcajete - Mexican Stone Mortar and Pestle 7
Molcajete - Mexican Stone Mortar and Pestle 7Molcajete - Mexican Stone Mortar and Pestle 7

Molcajete - Mexican Stone Mortar and Pestle 7" Dia.

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Our authentic Mexican molcajetes are hand chiseled stone mortar and pestles and are great for preparing salsas, guacamole and grinding spices. The molcajete is an ancient and versatile kitchen tool and arguably the first kitchen appliance. Known by Europeans as a mortar and pestle, the molcajete (mortar) and tejolote (pestle) are descendants of the metate grinding slab that was in use in Mexico and South America for grinding corn nearly 6,000 years ago.

Carved from solid volcanic basalt, the molcajete is as useful today as ever. In fact, many chefs and home cooks are finding that using a mortar and pestle to grind spices or herbs produce an end product that is more flavorful than using a food processor or blender. It is thought the grinding action of the molcajete releases more of the essential oils and enhances the flavors of herbs and spices. The porous basalt is an excellent medium for grinding spices and creating salsas and moles. Because they are made of solid stone, these authentic molcajetes can be used for years. In many Mexican homes, families proudly use molcajetes that have been passed down for generations.

Dimensions: (sizes vary due to hand-cutting)
Approx. 7" dia. x 5" h
Size Note: Because these are handmade, they may vary slightly in size.

It is necessary to break in the molcajete prior to use in order to avoid any large grit in your food. Preparing the porous surface will inhibit any unwanted flavors, smoothing the surface and keeping ingredients from sticking to the interior of the bowl or the pestle. This process only needs to be performed once.

1. Using only water and a stiff brush thoroughly clean the bowl of the molcajete and the tejolote and let air dry.

2. Grind uncooked rice in the molcajete a handful at a time. Use the tejolote (the pestle) and grind the rice into the surface of the molcajete (bowl) until reduced to a fine powder. Discard the rice flour and repeat until the rice flour is white instead of gray or ashy colored.

3. Place 3-4 cloves of garlic, 1 tsp. of Cumin, 1 tsp. coarse salt (Kosher is best) and 1 tsp. pepper into the molcajete and grind the mixture. Discard the mixture and rinse the molcajete and tejolote with clear water and allow to dry before storing. 

Wash the molcajete and tejolote in warm water after each use. Avoid using dish soap as the fragrances may leave a residue behind and affect the taste of food.